Mission & Values


Worcester County GOLD (Giving Other Lives Dignity) improves the quality of life for Worcester County residents living in low-income circumstances by providing emergency financial aid and items to meet basic needs.


All Worcester County residents have the means to meet basic needs.


We value strong partnerships with community agencies to ensure effective services to meet the needs of Worcester County citizens who live in poverty and low-income circumstances.

We value the ability to provide emergency funding and items of basic needs for Worcester County citizens in times of financial difficulty and crisis.

We value special projects that provide essential items for Worcester County residents who do not have the financial means to access necessities.

We value the invaluable contributions of community supporters and volunteers.

We value effective and timely communication among community partners, volunteers, and supporters.

We value an educated community, well-informed about current services and issues for people living in poverty and low-income circumstances.

We value employees and volunteers who take initiative and have high expectations for themselves and those we serve.

We value an environment that reflects a shared responsibility to effectively meet the needs of Worcester County citizens who live in poverty and low-income circumstances; joining together to provide assistance in times of financial difficulty and crisis and to promote self-sufficiency.


  • Provide emergency funding assistance and items to meet basic needs for Worcester County residents who face crisis situations while already living in poverty and low-income circumstances.

  • Work effectively with community partners to ensure that each individual’s financial and family situation has been expertly assessed to confirm the necessity for emergency assistance and that all appropriate resources are made known to individuals served.

  • Prevent evictions and homelessness for low-income individuals and families.

  • Assist low-income households with preventing disconnection of utility services or reconnecting utility services to ensure the availability of electricity, water, and fuel.

  • Fight hunger and undernourishment by providing access to a sufficient amount of nutritious food, based on the number of individuals in the family, to meet the urgent needs of food-insecure individuals.

  • Provide financial assistance to meet urgent medical and transportation needs.

  • Provide items to meet basic needs for individuals of all ages, including those who are homeless.

  • Provide items of comfort and necessity to assist children transitioning from homes into foster care.

  • Ensure that Worcester County GOLD’s emergency assistance effectively meets the urgent needs of individuals and families who are experiencing catastrophic situations.

  • Secure the ongoing funding required to adequately subsidize emergency services and special programs through grant and corporate funding opportunities, fundraising events, and appeals.


GOLD’s primary program provides emergency financial assistance to Worcester County citizens through a special emergency fund. GOLD also coordinates a variety of supportive programs, such as GOLD’s VAULT (Vast Amounts of Useful Little Things); scholarships for Summer Activities for At-Risk Children; and special seasonal programs; such as School Supplies for Students, Thanksgiving Turkey Meals, and Helping Hands for the Holidays.


Funding for GOLD’s programs and services is provided through private donations; government, public, and private grants; annual appeals; special fundraising events; and in-kind contributions.


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