What do the letters GOLD stand for?

GOLD stands for Giving Other Lives Dignity. Worcester County GOLD works to improve lives of people in our local community.

What is Worcester County GOLD?

Worcester County GOLD is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit group that assists individuals and families facing financial difficulties and crisis situations, vulnerable adults, and children in foster care in Worcester County. Worcester County GOLD is a cooperative effort between various local public agencies and volunteer groups.

How does Worcester County GOLD serve the less fortunate in our community?

Worcester County GOLD serves the less fortunate by providing services, supplies, and emergency financial assistance for those in need. Worcester County GOLD works to directly provide immediate services in areas that may not be covered by government programs.

What makes Worcester County GOLD such a valuable and necessary organization in Worcester County?

On the Eastern Shore, the majority of the local branches of national charity organizations are located in Salisbury. Because Salisbury is up to 50 miles away, in Wicomico County, and the charities are responsible for such a large area of the Shore, it is difficult for these charities to recognize all that needs to be done in our area. Worcester County GOLD is a local organization that is dedicated to serving our area directly.

How is Worcester County GOLD so efficient at addressing needs?

The Worcester County GOLD headquarters is housed in the Worcester County Department of Social Services office complex in Snow Hill. This strategic location provides direct contact with social workers and other local agencies. This enables GOLD to easily receive referrals for problems that need our attention.

How is Worcester County GOLD able to return much of its funding back into the community?

GOLD’s ability to return much of its funding and contributions directly back into the community is made possible by a few factors. First, the GOLD offices are furnished by the Department of Social Services. At this location, we are provided with access to all of their office equipment. Another key factor is that we depend on volunteer services to facilitate the majority of our community projects. Our lack of operating expenses allows us to pour more of GOLD’s financial resources directly into our community, not into salaries, office supplies and other operating costs. This financial efficiency is very valuable since GOLD operates with such a small budget. These numbers are also encouraging to those who wish to donate to our organization since they know that their contributions are being used in a good way.

What can I do to help Worcester County GOLD?

Lots of local businesses and individuals contribute financially to Worcester County GOLD Since Worcester County GOLD qualifies as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Contributions are tax deductible to the fullest amount allowed by law. GOLD is a small volunteer-driven nonprofit. Please contact us if you are interesting in volunteer opportunities.


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