Emergency Financial Assistance


GOLD’s Emergency Financial Assistance Program provides Housing Assistance, Utility Assistance, and funding for other emergency needs, year-round.

GOLD’s programs are not open to the public. All individuals in need of assistance should call 2-1-1 to be directed to available resources in their area. GOLD cannot speak directly with individuals in need of assistance. All requests for assistance must come from agents employed with GOLD’s community partners.

Housing Assistance

  • Eviction Prevention

Individuals must have a court-filed Failure to Pay Rent or Petition for Warrant of Restitution.

If you are facing eviction and don’t know what to do next click here.

  • First Months Rent

Individuals must be without permanent shelter and moving into long-term housing.

If you are currently homeless and need help finding affordable housing click here.

Utility Assistance

Service termination prevention or reconnection for:

  • Water

  • Electric

  • Natural Gas

  • Heating Oil

  • Propane

  • Kerosene

Depending on the utility, services must have a termination notice, be disconnected, or be near empty.

If you need help paying your utility bills click here.

Other Emergency Needs

  • Clothing (infants, children, or adults)

  • Household Items (bedding, cleaning supplies, hygiene items)

  • Health Care (medical bills, prescriptions, devices/equipment)

  • Transportation (bus passes, emergency car repairs)

  • Employment (phone minutes, clothing/equipment, license fees)

  • Food

What does the request process look like?

  1. An agent is notified that their client is facing an emergency (Eviction, Utility Disconnect, etc).

  2. The agent submits a request to GOLD for funding

  3. GOLD contacts the vendor (landlord, utility company, etc.) and commits payment

  4. GOLD notifies the agent that they have committed their payment

  5. GOLD mails a check to the vendor, and the emergency is prevented!


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